How do you find the perfect invitation for your wedding?

I’m sure you’ve noticed the amount of wedding invitation choices these days is staggering.

The great thing about that is it’s truly possible to find the perfect wedding invitation for you. On the flip side, you’ll likely be wading through the not perfect for a bit.

But what if you had some simple search tips to slice through the “not right” and zero in on the “just right”? Read on, and learn how to express your way to the perfect wedding invitation.


Elegant fall rustic wedding invitation by Imbue You

Wedding Invitation Search Hack #1
Focus on your style or theme first…not color

Did you know that our eyes see shape before they see color?

That means the first impact from your invitation will be from your design, not your wedding palette. So the most important thing you should focus on is the style of design you want: classic, traditional, modern, whimsical, etc. And your wedding theme if you have one.

Plus, many invitation designers will have a way to customize colors even if the design doesn’t expressly come in your palette. For example, in our shop color changes are included on all designs.

So if you just search on color first, you may miss out on your perfect invite.


Mexican Talavera Tile Wedding Invitation open by Imbue You

Wedding Invitation Search Hack #2
Next think about your amount and type of wording

Colors may be easy to change, but sometimes the amount of room for wording can be difficult to add on — especially if the wording is integrated into the invitation design.

For a casual weddings where you don’t need your last names on the invitation and you don’t have event details to share with your guests, this is less of an issue.

But if you are having a destination wedding, or wedding with many events, you’ll need an invitation design that has coordinating enclosure cards. Or a design that includes room for additional information.

Similarly, if you would like to use your last names or need room to list your parents look for invitations that have enough space for wording.

If you find a design you like, you can often ask if there’s room for what you need.

vintage map wedding invitation travel by Imbue You


Wedding Invitation Search Hack #3
Then consider any special details you’d like

Sometimes it’s the finishing touches that make an invitation come to life.

That can be coordinating color layers, wraps, ribbons, tags, crystals or something else.

If you would like a special detail added to your invitation, you can often find matching options provided by your invitation designer.

And if not, you can often find the perfect stationery detail to add on yourself.


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The right invitation is waiting for you. And now you can find it quickly!