Are you looking to add your favorite movies, TV shows, comics, sciences or games to your wedding? Awesome! If you want to keep the geek in your wedding without losing the style, we’ve got some pro tips just for you.


geek wedding hogwarts table names by Imbue You

geek wedding game of thrones place tags by Imbue You

Geek Wedding Style Secret #1:
Pair it with a style you already love

Not only will this make your wedding more special and more unique, it’s also an easy style cheat.

When Haley and Chris were thinking up their fantasy fiction wedding table names, they could have printed out scenes from each movie or used covers from each book as table cards. And that certainly would have been cool.

But instead they paired their love of fantasy with their vintage style. And it looks great.

Now their tables relate to each other and their entire wedding more cohesively. Plus using real maps is like saying Hogwarts and Rivendell are real places. (The geeks in us delight at that thought!)

photos by Imbue You (that’s us!). This vintage table card design is available here and the vintage place tags are available here. Choose your colors, and of course wording to make it as Geek Chic as you want to be.


geek wedding beaker table design

geek wedding test tube floral table decor

Geek Wedding Style Secret #2:
Keep it simple

For your wedding, the easiest way of “keeping it simple” means looking for iconic shapes or elegant details that express your fandom or geeky love.

If you loved Star Wars, you could use a cut out silhouette of the Millennium Falcon as a guest book sign in.

This wedding of chemistry lovers featured beakers and test tubes with flowers as table decor. Very chic, and very simple!

photos (including first featured photo) by Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers via When Geeks Wed


And that’s it, if you keep these 2 secrets in mind, you can have your geeky cake and eat it stylishly too!